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Your own US Address will allow you to shop worldwide!

Internet shopping is suppose to be for everyone. However, most international internet stores does not deliver to overseas addresses because they are not familiar with the country and its people.

Some of the companies do but the prohibitive cost of shipping discourages this method.

Pinoys go to the extend of asking their overseas friends and relatives to do the shopping, packaging, and shipping for them. But who would like to bother your busy friends and relatives while there is a bonded-professional company that could do it for you- ShippingAndTravel, a Filipino-American owned company.

Create an Account and get your FREE US address
Click "HERE"to register for a new account. No membership fee required.

STEP 2. Shop in any on-line store in the US. You will receive a confirmation that your account is active within 24 hrs. You may then start ordering online. There are two options Ship for Me and Buy for Me.

Ship for Me: Simply buy your items at any online stores then ship it to your new US Address, see details below:

Attention: Your Name
C/O Shipping and Travel
3964 Eagle Rock Blvd,
Los Angeles, California
90065 United States
Tel: (323) 478-1599

Once log-in to your account, just click the SHIP FOR ME button and fill-up the form, please also specify if you will ship it by Aircargo or Ocean Cargo.

Buy for Me: Some online stores are not accepting credit cards issued abroad or out of their country while some of the shoppers are afraid to use their credit card because of fraud. ShippingAndTravel can purchase those items for you just make a deposit to our BDO account or and we will buy and ship the items to your door. Thats simple!

Once log-in to your account, just click the BUY FOR ME button, it is very important to fill-up the form with all the details so we could buy the item/s without any problem. Please also specify if you will ship it by Aircargo or Ocean Cargo.

If package will be shipped via Air Cargo have your ordered items delivered to 3228 Madera Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90039. And for Ocean Cargo kindly ship it to 3964 Eagle Rock Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90065. Please use your name and our address for the shipping label. Please avoid asking for signature delivery as some mail or package carriers would require your ID to release the package to us. See sample below;

Your Name - Ocean Cargo

3964 Eagle Rock Blvd,
Los Angeles, CA 90065
Phone: (323) 478-1599

Your Name - Air Cargo
3228Madera Ave,
Los Angeles, CA 90039
Phone: (323) 478-8359

IP address and info of fraudulent transactions are reported to FBI and PCTC.

Arrival of packages at ShippingAndTravel's warehouse.
Once your ordered items arrived in either Madera Avenue or Eagle Rock Blvd warehouse you will receive a picture of the package through email.

You may track your orders from,,,, Once all your packages are delivered to our office, please email us a shipment request order. Email the list showing suppliers name and tracking # for consolidation only. No need to email the order #'s as we do not open the original box. Consolidation form click here.

Shipping instruction and payment
Please always indicate if items will be shipped by Ocean or by Air.

Shipping calculator please click here.

Service fee is $15 per hour plus materials and shipping charges. Please be advised that we do not open the original box from your supplier. We only consolidate the small boxes to our Regular Balikbayan or Jumbo box.

Reasonable fee based on US standards may be charged for storage of items over 30 days.

We accept Credit card, Paypal or Bank Deposit for payment. We require payment prior to delivery.

We can provide trucking, professional crating, and professional packaging, for an extra fee.

For added trucking cost savings, our facility is equipped with loading dock and forklifts.

Delivered to your doorstep
You can track your package at

Relaxs, just wait for our friendly delivery guys.


Our shipping method is one of the cheapest in the logistic industry. We would like to maintain it that way for the benefit of the majority. For those who demand services beyond the budget of what we charge, we offer UPS, FedEx, and DHL.

United States Postal Service, UPS, FedEx, DHL delivers your orders to our hub at least twice a day. For added savings on bulk trucking cost, Manila Forwarder have a loading dock facility and forklifts.

Shipping and Travel 4 Steps